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History of the Obsession [Atom feed]

11 Jul 2007 — Obsession discovered:
Chouser: I'm fascinated by airships. I don't really know why.
agriffis: maybe because they float

12 Jul 2007 — First product of the obsession, 12:39 AM:
"I made an airship. In sauerbraten. And now I'm going to bed."

21 Jul 2007 — Completed recreation of an airship docking with the Empire State Building in Sauerbraten.

[line drawings of two airships]

29 Jul 2007 — In an attempt to add playability to the Empire State Building level, finished adding an auto-regenerating labyrinth.

15 Aug 2007 — First remote-controlled blimp kit arrived.

18 Aug 2007 — Began developing this site.