Mr. PiBB

Wow! You should really be proud of yourself! You have found a page dedicated to the most incredibly delicious beverage on the planet. You don't believe me? Well then, you obviously have never had Mr. PiBB, in which case I feel truly sorry for you. In fact, I really wish I could treat you to a PiBB right now. But since that's not feasible (it wouldn't be cold by the time you got it), check out this web site instead. You'll find refreshing Mr. PiBB sights and sounds, which are certainly the next-best thing to the drink itself.

I want this site to stay new and exciting for everyone and you can help! If you have any information or any thing at all relating to Mr. PiBB, please send it to me. I can use sounds, URLs, video, pictures, game ideas, and even just facts. If we all work together, this place is bound to improve...

For example, here is a Windows 95 theme [1050k] that a Pibb fan by the name of Stew put together. It's really, really cool, and if you use Win95 you've got to check it out.

Please note that these pages are not in any way supported or endorsed by Coca-cola. They display many trademarks and symbols which are no doubt owned by Coca-cola, and they should get full credit for them. There is no financial gain involved with these pages and they exist only for the entertainment and benefit of the internet community in general.

This site was reviewed in Yahoo's Internet Life.
It is now more of a historical archive than a live site. Except for a few details (such as this statement), this site looks as it did in the late 1990's.
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An un-official page by Chris Houser